PRINCESS Hockey Stick Comp 4 Star - 37.5"

PRINCESS Hockey Stick Comp 4 Star - 37.5"

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The Princess Competition 4 Star Mid Bow stands as an essential component in the Princess Competition Series. Featuring a 50% carbon construction, this grey hockey stick delivers a well-rounded blend of power and tactile feedback.

The Mid Bow (MB) Curve is particularly well-suited for an all-around playing style, enhancing precision in every move. The Competition Series comes equipped with a tech grip for optimal handling.

Whether you're an experienced player seeking a balance between strength and feel or a novice looking to elevate your game, the Princess Competition 4 Star MB proves to be the ideal choice.

Its quality and versatility empower you to enhance your hockey skills. Unlock the advantages of the Princess Competition 4 Star MB for exceptional performance on the field. Choose this reliable stick within the Princess Competition Series and relish an optimal grip throughout the game.

Carbon Percentage: 50% Carbon 

Size: 36.5” and 37.5”

Colour: Grey/Orange

Mould Available: Mid Bow