PRINCESS Hockey Stick No Excuses LTD - 36.5"

PRINCESS Hockey Stick No Excuses LTD - 36.5"

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The Princess No Excuse Ltd1 MB stands out in the Princess collection due to it’s unique graphic design using the new Foil technology.

With it’s 15% carbon construction, this stick offers enough power for the all-round hockey player who is looking for a good price-quality ratio.

The No Excuse MB (Mid Bow) Curve is particularly suitable for an allround playing style and contributes to accurate fitting. Moreover, the No Excuse Series is equipped with a tech grip for optimum grip. The Princess No Excuse Ltd1 MB shows that style and performance go hand in hand.

With it’s unique graphic design and advanced technology, this stick is a real eye-catcher on the hockey field. Whether you are attacking, defending or passing, this stick offers the right combination of control and power to improve your game.

Discover the benefits of the Princess No Excuse Ltd1 MB yourself and enjoy optimum grip and performance during hockey. Choose this striking stick from the No Excuse Series and do not allow any excuse in your game.

Carbon Percentage: 15% Carbon 

Size: 36"5

Colour: White and Silver

Mould: Mid bow

Curve location: 300mm