MAGIC TAN - Toned Muscle Definition - 200ml

MAGIC TAN - Toned Muscle Definition - 200ml

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200ml self application foam pump bottle

The most magical stage tan yet! Ideal for ladies beach and fitness bikini type divisions, and men's physique divisions.

Magic Tan is very easy to apply to yourself by spritzing the liquid onto the self application mitt (included) and rubbing evenly all over the body. The dark colour guide will show you where you have applied, and where needs blending, until you have a smooth even all over dark colour. It can be applied the night before the show. Touch ups on show day are really easy! Just moisten your mitt again with a spritz of the same colour tan that you're using and blend the area. Sometimes you might need to re apply to quite a large area to get it all smooth and even again, but just keep rubbing and blending!

Magic Tan washes out of bed linen and clothing very easily!

Magic Tan does contain DHA as well as a darker colour guide pigment that gives the perfect stage colour for the divisions mentioned above. The DHA is enough to give you a lovely natural golden brown tan for up to two weeks after the colour guide(dark stage colour) is washed off after the show! There is no need to scrub your skin raw to get rid of that really dark stage tan colour, but the natural golden brown that you are left with is ideal for those post show photo shoots :)